Hon. Durin B. Rogers to be sworn in

6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
JOB POSTINGS: Legal Position(s) available in Genesee County

6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
JOB POSTINGS: Legal Position available in Genesee County


The GCBA is triumphant over the WBCA 31-7

Jul 28th 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

GCBA defeats WCBA in "Epic" Softball Battle:


The GCBA defeated the WCBA in a softball game of epic proportions during the associations annual picnic this year held in Genesee County.

It was a great time had by all with 68 people in attendance.  It was great seeing the families as well.  The event was sponsored by  Jim Isaac of Crossroads Abstract and Gina Eannucci of Enterprise Process Service.  Both were able to attend this year and it was our pleasure to have them.  Professional photographer Amanda Earl was on site donating her time to the cause taking many candid photographs of the festivities.  The “Balloon & Tattoo Lady", Julie Behlok was also present sharing her balloon knowledge and "manly” tattoos.  Mark Dedman was our official blue (actually he would only respond to “red” for some reason.)  He did an admirable job since GCBA won. 

From the extremely “manly tattoos” placed on most government officials (i.e Judges Adams and Noonan to District Attorney Larry Friedman and ADA Will Zickl.)  From Mike Rivers being a human water balloon target, to Manley Crane offering his vehicle (windows down and all) as a moving target; to your current President and Past President Dave Saleh wearing the exact same shirt; Even a visit from the Muckdog's Mascot "Max," it was a great time had by all.

It is with great honor that I will not go down in history as the only President to lose twice in a term.  Before a large crowd of spectators (all 7 of them), the GCBA put a spanking on the WCBA this year with a final score of 31-7.  Despite the incredible skill of the WCBA (Welch, Wujick, Mohun, and sleeper Marshall), the GCBA was just too much for them.  Behind the skilled in-field work by Billy Tedford, Esq. (2012 MVP and poster child for shin guards) and the towering home runs by Brian Degnan, Esq. (honorable mention only for dropping an easy fly ball in the outfield and being tagged out at home following an Irish jig), the GCBA worked closely to set a future precedent.  I am advised that Lucy Dadd, Esq. is considering coming out of retirement after the uncharacteristic defeat.   Will Zickl, Esq. is buying insurance.