Hon. Durin B. Rogers to be sworn in

6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
JOB POSTINGS: Legal Position available in Genesee County


Golf Game Gone Wrong!!!

Nov 02nd All Day


Friendly Golf Game turns into Extreme Competition. Violence displayed! Several GCBA Members implicated.

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In what was scheduled to be a cordial golf outing between friends and GCBA members Charles Zambito, Ray Cianfrini, Mike Mohun and Ben Bonarigo, a turn for the worse ocurred.                             

The following transcript of the golfer’s comments and memories of the event has been reproduced in its entirety with permission of those involved. Investigation continues and I am advised that planning is in the works for a rematch when law enforcement is present.  




Hi Durin;

       As one of your last official acts as Genesee County Bar president I was hoping you would report on the recent (10/25/12) Golf match played between team Cianfrini/Zambito and team Bonarigo/Mohun at Stafford Country Club which was won in glorious fashion by Cianfrini/Zambito on the last hole. The match started out with Bonarigo/Mohun taking the early lead and actually winning the front 9 due to the rustiness from lack of play by Cianfrini/Zambito who are dedicated public servants and have spent countless hours this summer working on the County budget and other related County issues as opposed to the semi-retired Bonarigo and Mohun who had plenty of opportunity to hone their skills. But on the back 9 Cianfrini got his stroke back and launched his team into a 2 hole lead only to have Bonarigo and Mohun charge back on the strength of “Bam-Bam” Bonarigo’s booming drives and tie the match after 17 holes of play. The match then came down to the last hole. All four golfers reached the green in 2 with a chance to win it for their team but it was the clutch 8 foot putt for Birdie by Cianfrini that won it for his team and secured a $1.00 win!  That Dollar bill will be framed and kept in a special place at Stafford Country Club (Ray’s locker) and may be put on display at the Bar Christmas party this year.


Charles N. Zambito

Foster, Foster & Zambito, LLP

5500 W. Ridge Road

Spencerport, NY 14559

(585) 352-5556


My Dearest Soon to Be Retired President Rogers:

        I would be very careful about what you republish regarding the exploits on the beautiful grounds at Stafford C.C. on a recent glorious day. I need not remind you that there are draconian laws about republishing libelous statements, regardless of the source.

        It must be noted that Mr. Mohun and I who are both first year members at Stafford thought it would be a terrific idea to invite the much more senior members (in more ways than one), Cianfrini and Zambito to join us for, what we thought would be a casual game of golf and revelry amongst brethren at the bar.  Unbeknownst to my good friend Mike Mohun we were like sheep being brought to the mouth of the hungry wolf for slaughter.

        Within seconds of teeing off Mr. Cianfrini advises Mr. Mohun that this is not as casual an outing as we had assumed it would be.  It was going to be a competition between the old guard of Stafford versus the less experienced and certainly unsuspecting newbies.  It is true that the newbies took an early lead and in fact won the front 9.  It was then, after realizing they had met their match that Mssrs. Zambito and Cianfrini resorted to tactics not seen in most hockey rinks.  Cianfrini physically accosted Mohun several times throwing elbows into him and body checking him, of course when I was not looking, as we exited greens just won by the more gentile and civilized pairing of the day.  Zambito on the other hand resorted to taunting and using various cuss words towards us, all with the single mindedness of purpose of taking us off of our game.

         Well, by the time we reached the 17th hole the wolves were showing their teeth and the onslaught from our elder members continued unabated until they simply wore us down and they won the match by one measly stroke.  It should be noted that as I was leaving the course someone informed me that our opponents who would obviously stop at nothing for a dollar paid someone to run out from the clubhouse to switch the Bonarigo drive with the Cianfrini drive which was a difference of more than 50 feet, placing Cianfrini in position to make that last put for the win. 

         They can frame that dollar if they feel that good about it but, the truth will be told about how it came to be paid to them!!


Benjamin J. Bonarigo, Sr., Esq.

Law Offices of

Bonarigo & McCutcheon

18 Ellicott Street

Batavia, New York 14020

(585) 344-1994

(585) 344-1996 – fax



Dear Durin,

      I have a few comments of my own to add. Mr.Zambito refers to his and Mr.Cianfrini's "rustiness from lack of play" due to their committment to public service. I have checked with the pro shop at Stafford and have learned that Mr.Cianfrini has played 74 rounds of golf this year, Mr.Zambito has played 36 rounds,while Ben and I have played 20 rounds each. As Ben states, we thought it was to be a friendly round of golf only to learn on the first tee that Mr.Cianfrini had other ideas. He proposed that we play for money and then proceeded to quickly outline the terms of the bet. He and Mr. Zambito would be paired against Ben and I. He used terms that neither Ben nor I were familiar with such as Nassau, sandies and greenies . He then stated,"Don't worry I'll keep score." When after a hole was completed that both Ben and I thought we won Mr.Cianfrini would announce some arcane rule that would award the hole to his team. At one point he stated that we are playing by rules that govern the Italian Tour. It is no wonder Ben and I lost, it is testament to our play that we lost on the last putt of the last hole.


Michael M Mohun
Attorney at Law
344 Kern Road
Cowlesville, NY 14037
Phone 585 937 8987
Fax 585 937 8988




     Alas Durin, as the senior member of the now Famous Foursome I had hoped to remain above the fray and take the high road, but the libelous comments and downright dirt being thrown at me and Chuck leave me no choice but to respond. I first should admonish Mike for coming after Chuck and me like he has. As we are aware, Stafford had a long history of refusing membership to non-Italians, and by debasing us he could be putting his membership in jeopardy. As we all know, golf is a gentleman's game. I recognize that our opponents are new members at Stafford, but I would have thought that having each played 2-3 times a week for the last 7 months they would have learned some course manners. I found it unseemly when Mike made an easy tap in putt for a par on No. 13 to win the hole that he began prancing around the green proclaiming himself to be "The Mailman, because I deliver!" As a novice, I admit that Ben "Bam Bam" Bonarigo can hit some prodigious drives, but to accuse us of switching my drive with his on No 18 defied belief. Ben fails to realize that he can't hit his drives 60 yards high and expect it to go 250 yards long. I, on the other hand, have learned to hit my drives low and get substantial roll to easily out drive him. I will also admit that there was a lot of good-natured kidding going on during the match and perhaps I once or twice gave Mike a gentle elbow, but I told him early in the match that golf is a contact sport. I find it interesting that our opponents had difficulty adjusting to the rules of our $2.00 Nassau with  $.50 points for birdies, greenies and sandies when it turns out they as a team won the 17th Flight in the recent Fall Festival (for the record the 17th Flight pitted them against members over 80 who walk with a cane). It was also discovered that when introducing himself to his opponents in the Fall Festival, Mike told them he was a car salesman, apparently too embarrassed to admit he is an attorney. Further, to accuse my partner of taunting and cussing during the match was absolutely a lie. We all know that Chuck has the disposition of Fred Couples (unfortunately not the swing yet). In all, it was an exciting and fun-filled match. Ben and Mike have to take solace that they took us down to the wire and it all came down to the final 8' birdie putt by yours truly. Knowing the full ramifications of the situation, I calmly stepped up and knocked it dead in the hole! Chuck and I had every reason to celebrate and high five, but being the gentleman that we are, we all shook hands and simply announced to our opponents that they each owed us $.50. The $1.00 is now in my safe and will be removed for framing soon. I hope to have it ready for display for the Christmas Party.


Raymond Cianfrini, Esq.